Theme is Broken


I tried updating the Moesia Pro theme and now it says “The Active theme is broken” and has deleted it from the site. I am hoping all my customizations won’t be deleted but how do I restore?

I ended up having to use the zip file I had on my computer to restore the theme at all. But now I have a very old version, how did I update to a new version of Moesia Pro without breaking the site again?

What is your current theme version and your page link so we can check? Theme can be broken only if you made some edits on files or more probably if you accidentally deleted style.css index.php or something else. It can also be a issue with permissions on theme files. Try again with upgrade maybe something just went wrong when you tried last time.

Also if your backup is old I guess you can ask your hosting provider to for the newer backup.

Backups aren’t needed as no content can be lost. And the theme isn’t broken, something probably went wrong during the update.


I originally bought the Moesia Pro theme when it was 1.04 it looks like. However, over time I updated 4 or 5 times so I think I got to Moesia Pro 1.2. Everything was fine with that.

I did not log in or make changes for a few months, so last weekend when I did I had a Moesia Pro theme 1.39 update available. When I clicked “update now”, it completely messed up my site. It was offline and went into maintenance mode for about 5 minutes with the error “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.”

Once it was back up the theme was broken, meaning it deleted Moesia Pro and said “The Active theme is broken”. So I have no theme on my site. The Moesia Pro theme was scratched out in black and white. I used my Zip file to re-install Moesia Pro 1.04 but every time I try to update this repeats. I am also losing customizations every time it does this.

Help would be appreciated as my site looks flawed now and I would like to be running the latest version of Moesia Pro.

One thing to add, I have tried to update 3 times and it does the same thing every time so this was not just a one time flaw.


It shouldn’t take 5 minutes. Perhaps your host doesn’t like the update server (which is third party). Send an admin account please to vlad[at] and I’ll have a look.

Also, Moesia Pro 1.04 never existed. Not sure how you have it but Moesia Pro started from 1.10 and is now 1.39 as you noticed.