Theme installation problem - toolsets plugin not installed?

I initially installed Sydney without Toolsets plugin installed. The Services, Employees etc options did not appear in the Dashboard toolbar. I have now installed and activated the plugin, deleted and re-installed Sydney. They still do not appear. Am I missing something? I am new to this, so still getting through some pretty basic stuff. I found a topic exactly like this, but it was resolved mysteriously following the reply below:


Hello Roman
I imported the XML file in WORDPRESS. That was the mistake. I have corrected it. I hope it works now.

Don’t get this, then the topic went quiet. Can you help?

Hello Alasdair,

Now you don’t have to install Toolset Types plugin and import its settings file, you should just install Sydney Toolbox plugin.

This process is described in Sydney Documentation:

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Thanks very much for your quick reply Roman.

The notice to install the plugins did not come up when installing the theme, so I am not clear about the specific Page Builder plugin that is recommended. It is also not specified in the Quickstart Guide. Does this mean that any one will work?

Thanks again, I’m sure I will be up and running soon. I installed in haste!


Hello Alasdair,

Actually there had to be notice about recommended plugins in Dashboard after Sydney theme installation.

Also, recommended plugins are mentioned in Sydney Quick start guide. To be more exact, in section 2, Install the recommended plugins:

Kind Regards, Roman.