Theme gone hey wire

I am very confused!!!

I loaded the theme the first time and was perfect!!

The second time, i realized there was no footer, i have posted this query on the forum yesterday, no-one has gotten back to me. Time is of the essence so I deleted everything, even WP from the directory. I also re-downloaded the theme zip file and XML file for the demo pages and re-installed both WP and the theme once again.

I want to CRY - it’s now worse than ever … still no footer, NO demo pages have installed altho the XML has been imported, so all I have is the “My front page”.

What happened to the both the footer and default “SHOP” page. I have not idea how to set up the shop page as that is already built into the theme.

Even worse, when I checked the FIRST install now all of a sudden the footer is also GONE!!!


I am at my wits end, I found a theme I loved and that integrates nicely with the other theme I’m using so that toggling between the two was a breeze, the layouts are so similar, just changing the font, footer color and side bar category next to slider would have almost made this identical.

For me this is a criteria, I thought I had found the perfect theme at last and was so happy thinking I could go live by Friday, now this, is it possible to help me sort this out asap, as I would hate to start looking for another theme again.

A link to your site might be helpful.
I assume you tried to make some code changes? The footer didn’t disappear by itself.

I havent touched any code, the install i first put onto is stil up, have not touched it, then re-installed now for the 4th time, FRESH into I cleared everything from the directory, WP, even opened a new director, so everything was fresh and new. The complete new install is now I have installed the XML file, which I re-downloded from your site. I set the home page and thats it. I have not added or set anything to it yet, waiting for you to have a look. NO footer, no pages. cart, checkout, members, my account, shop, ZERO. I tried re importing the XML file and it tells me files are all installed, but when I looked at the list I did not see all those pages, only the proudcts.

Yeah, I don’t really understand what you mean. I see that both sites are functional, both have content, the second one has the demo content, both have footers.
I think the problem is that you assume the theme should do a certain thing by default and it doesn’t do that - this is my best guess.

Could you maybe take a screenshot of your site and mark on it some elements that are missing in the places you expect them to be? That would help to understand what’s going on.

Hi Vlad, I have attached images with notes showing what I mean

the shop issue

Okay, about the footer widgets, can you confirm that you’ve actually added them where they’re supposed to be? Like here:

About the other install where you don’t get all the demo content - not sure what to say. Maybe to WP importer failed. Anyway - the default SHOP page you’re asking about is created by Woocommerce by default, so as long as you have WC installed you should also have that page.

Ok, I fixed the footer page, apologies for that, tired and stressed out i think after trying to get the 2nd (3rd and 4th) install not installing properly.

Now what do I do, I need all the default pages, Cart, Checkout, Members, My account, Activity and of course Shop … as i mentioned I have deleted and re-installed WP 3x each time in a new directory with new SQL database, which means Woocommerce has also been re-installed that many times.

Here is an image of woocommerce general settings of pages etc, you will see it does not have the shop or other default pages.

woo commerce settings

Just create those pages and assign them in those dropdowns in Woocommerce. It’s the same thing.

Marking this as resolved as what was theme related is now clarified.