Theme doesn't allow one specific Javascript to load


I’m using Leto theme for my store - The theme was supporting one Javascript that is from the third party vendor. All of a sudden, I found that the functionality of that JS is not being executed and I tried debugging it. Finally, I found that the Leto theme is not letting this particular JS to run.

When I switch the theme to WordPress twenty nineteen, that JavaScript is working without any flaws. But when I switch it to Leto. The code functionality is being nulled.

I would be very happy if you resolve this issue.

Below attached is the Javascript that’s being blocked by Leto:


Can you tell me what javascript plugin that you used? Also, can you let me know too the javascript code?


We have found the issue but working on solution.


Our single product page in leto has only ‘Add to cart’ button and the archive pages has ‘Buy From’ button. The JS works only on Buy from button and it neglects the cart button. (We are using external products in woocommerce)

Is there any way to include buy from button in single product page also. If so, please help me with the php code.

I see… You mean that you want to show the popup window when the user clicks the “Buy from” button on a single page, correct?

Unfortunately, there is no option to do that and you need to modify the existing code of the theme/Woocommerce plugin. Also, I’d like to apologize because I can’t help because it’s beyond our support policy.

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