Theme Colour changes in mobile view


I have a peculiar problem. i have changed page body colour. in desktop view its ok but when resizing it into mobile view it changes into white.

Here is my website Wordsera.

Send me your email id so that I can mail you my WordPress credentials to have look at it, particularly at custom CSS plugin.

Hello there,

Please send it to and mention the link to this thread. Also please enclose the screenshot and point me to the white area you meant.


Dear Kharis,

First of all i messed up. Those are the following problem i am facing.

  1. I have set the background color black through custom css ( as the rest of the pages should look white). I desktop view the everything is fine but when i try to reduce the page width as to look how it goes in mobile view the background color turns into white.

Link -

This is the desktop view

Inline image 1Desktop-view (full)

This is the mobile view.

Inline image 2Mobile-view

  1. Almost the same problem, in this case it is the header image that is changing in mobile view. The header changes from the one I added as a Blog header to the image from the About page.

Link -

This is desktop view.

Inline image 3Desktop-view

This is mobile view.

Inline image 4Mobile view

  1. I think the side bar widget are is not visible in Blog page. I need to add recent posts and categories in the right side of the blog page which i cant right now. I have made some changes for the landing and home page this might the effect of this.

Link -

  1. the header image of every other pages have the header image of the about page, which i do not intent to do. i need i different image - other than the one in about page.

Link -

Inline image 5image

i know this is too much to ask but please help me with this. your effort is much appreciated.

PS. - The design of the landing page and the about page is OK. can the changes be done of the rest of the pages without modifying the landing and about pages?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry for the image links. I have mailed you in details with wordpress login credentials.

I replied it. Kindly check, please.


Hello Kharis,

I added the following code in custom CSS with no luck.

.page-id-403 .site{
  background-color: #000;

Now what’s happening along with the background colour the theme colour has also been changed while squeezing into mobile view.