Theme color options having issues

I am having trouble changing the colors on two elements, I don’t know what the tag for those visual elements are that would effect a change.

First are the underlining of the menu elements.

Second is the border of the contact link on the right hand side which I have labeled as “Speak to…”

This is the website:

I have included a picture here:visualelements

Your assistance is much appreciated! Thanks :slight_smile:


First really sorry the delay in this reply.

To change these colors, please add the given custom CSS code below at Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:

.menuStyle6 .site-header .main-navigation ul li a:after {
    background-color: #d38300;

.menuStyle6 .site-header .btn {
    border-color: #d38300;

We hope this helps!

aThemes Support

Thanks, this worked better!

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