The woo commerce compatibility is limited!

I have found the add/remove quantity buttons don’t work with mix and match products I asked woo and they said:
"My answer on that question (helgatheviking is me!) is still the right direction to take here. jQuery’s change event is only triggered by a manual browser event, so you need to chain a .change() event after the value has been set by whatever “click” script is used by your theme.

You could also try to apply the fixes yourself. You will need to find the source of the plus/minus buttons script. It appears to be here: (though your site is currently loading the minified version, so you’ll need to fix and then regenerate a minified version).

And then
!isNaN( currentVal ) && $qty.val( isAdd ? ++currentVal : ( currentVal > 0 ? --currentVal : currentVal ) );

might need need to be:
!isNaN( currentVal ) && $qty.val( isAdd ? ++currentVal : ( currentVal > 0 ? --currentVal : currentVal ) ).change();"

I would be grateful if the theme could be made compatible with woo commerce as that is why I paid for it over Sydney…

Hello there,

Mix and match products type is an addition by this plugin. Since it’s a commercial plugin, I don’t have a flexibility to debug and troubleshoot it. Let me talk to our lead developer and see if there’s alternative way we can do to sort it out.


The arrows are not part of this plugin they are part of the theme! The plugin works fine!!

I agree with you. I meant that we need to test our current arrows code with the way the plugin update the total quantity.