The update to 1.08 messed my up frontpage


Updated to 1.08 on Moesia theme.

After the update the FrontPage image on my site expanded and is now covering the “start” page.

Further the welcome message as well as the button only appears ones you scroll down to the start page.

Any idea?


I’m not sure this could have been caused by the update. I’m seeing other websites working fine, not to mention my local server. Could you please reinstall the theme?

By any chance, are you using a cache plugin?

It gets even weirder. At first, somedays Before the update the site started to look different in IE from Google Chrome. Fonts looked different and some Changes didn’t appear in one when it looked great in the other.

Happened also to look at the site from Another computer all together and that looked in some third way…

Well, after the update today the site looked a bit messed up on the front page and as i described earlier the welcome message and welcome button comes in a bit further down (when scrolling) now.

The looks good in structure in google chrome but not in IE - as of now (Fonts wrong however in google chrome).

Your question about cache plugin: Yes, I have one installed but I have inactivate it since a week ago or so…

about reinstallation:
Do you mean to remove the theme altogether or just simply unactivate it (and activate some other theme inbetween)?

What happens with my Changes (plugins, widgets etc) if I uninstall and remove the theme from the panel (and then download again and install)?

two more things.

I’m using a plugin called “use any font” to be able to assign any font I would like on the site. Has there been any problem around this plugon Before?

And, I’m trying to assign a special font to the welcome message and in this plugn there is an option to custmoize yourself if you now what to aply the font on.
I’ve used “.welcome-desc” for the welcome message - is that the correct term for the welcome message?

I see that the structure looks good now on all browsers. We actually had issues on the demo site too because of W3 Total Cache. A quick cache empty and it all worked fine.

Yes, .welcome-desc is correct.

The thing about the fonts from that plugin is that they are loaded from a subdomain called media1. Stop doing that and they’ll work properly. So I can’t help much with this because it’s not theme related.

Hej Vlad!

Went in on the site now this morning and it all looked fine in IE.

Thank you for your time again.