The update of the Theme did mess up my home page

Hello people ! I just did the new update of the Sydney theme. But the home page on a mobile device did do something strange!

There is a big white space.

How can you fix that?

its only on mobile


The slider now behaves differently on mobile. You can get it back to the way it was from Customize > Header Area > Header Slider > last option there.

Thanks a lot! That Fixed the problem N
I have another problem… The footer is not at the buttom on some pages! With not that Much text. How can i make it sticky?

We don’t have an option for that at the moment.
Are there a lot of pages that have this problem?

Yess! And a other problem is that the footer was first in the page and now under the page! Can i get it back towards to other footer

We’ll consider adding an option to make the footer sticky.
I don’t understand your other problem.