The Theme Doesnt Seem to be Adjusting to Mobile and Computer View

Hello, I am using the Thalia theme for my web store. I would love some assistance in getting the theme to properly adjust to different views. As of right now, the theme is the same on every view so things look a little strange especially on mobile view.
Thanks in advance


Please provide us with a link to your store so we can investigate further.

Hello Here is my link! I did get the videobox working however now my issue is getting a customizable About Us page. There is no template available to do this even after following the instructions. Here is my link If you want to email me directly please let me know.

Hello @Mackenzieelaine,

Ok, we have added the about us template to your Thalia theme. The issue was happening because you didn’t have the theme live. So we needed to create a page.about template in your Debut theme. This does not effect your about us page on the Debut theme but it does change the about us page on your Thalia theme. Following the tutorial now, you will see that most of the steps are completed. Please continue with the editing of your about us page as per tutorial.

Thank you so much for your help! I see the page now! I was also wondering if there is a tutorial or a way to move the add-to-cart button on the mobile view so it doesn’t cover the product images?

Hello! My mobile view still isnt adjusting I just aligned all of my slideshows to the center is there a way to make the slide shows adjust to mobile view to include more of the images instead of just the center of the image?

Hello @Mackenzieelaine,

Please send us your store url again so we can investigate further.

Thank you

Hi thank you, or


This issue should now be resolved.

Thank you! What you did worked but id did make the theme as a whole look less professional. Whenever you have a moment, please change it back or tell me how to. Thank you for your time!

Hello, I still need assistance with this. I can’t do anything really to my site with it how it looks. The back of the slides is black will I have a white theme and it throws off the design flow. Thank you.