The rank beyond three posts

I would rank my articles in chronological order date , it works for the first three posts but not for the following. Beyond 3 posts , the posts are displayed from right to left: see example : How to do?

For example :

Thank you in advance for your help.


Sorry for late responses.

I’ve checked your site and you are using masonry layout for those page. The masonry layout is generating box of the posts from vertical to horizontal.

The first and the second of your box post has same height, but the third post has smaller height than previous box. So, automatically the fourth box post positioned under the third post.

You can read full explanation from here

Hi Awan,

Thank you very much for your help!
It works now.

Here are the changes in CSS.
There also are changes in the responsive part.

Sydney: style.css


.masonry-layout {
width: 100%;
padding: 0;
.masonry-layout .hentry {
width: 360px;
top: 200px;
height: 420px;
margin: 15px;
padding: 0;

Oh I see, so you override the masonry layout using those custom css code.

Thank you for sharing your custom css code in above.