The Page, when it is refreshed, loads the services/widgets before the homepage

When I refresh the Homepage, the website loads the widgets (like Services) before the homepage picture. This can be seen for like less than a second but it still can be seen.

Could you please help me out? This is a link to gyazo video, where you can see the problem:

Thank you :slight_smile:

It happens because the main slide script isn’t loaded immediately before the services section. It is considered as normal since loading jQuery script and preparing its output usually take some times.

But if you enable the bouncing balls animation preloader, it won’t be seen, as you can see on our demo


Cheers! :smiley:
I got one more question, how can I enable the bouncing balls?

Many thanks in advance

Hello there,

It is enabled by default. Could you please share the link to your site, to let me inspect why it stops working?