the modules are stacked in a single row


the modules are stacked in a single row.

when I add a module, I create the new row, but in the main view everything is grouped.

What can be?



Can you please provide a link to your website?

Kind Regards, Roman.


Of course, very grateful for the help.

You can see that the module of the social networks sticks to the contact module, and I want them in separate rows. also if I add modules, they continue adding to that line.



I’ve just checked your website and it looks like you have some empty sections.

Can you please try to remove those empty sections and see if it helps?

Kind Regards, Roman.


Good Morning. I have already removed the blank rows.



You can also try to recreate the page from scratch, it might help.

Kind Regards, Roman.


Yes, I did and in fact it is worse.

Segment the services into categories that was what you originally wanted to do, have two rows of services, which will be called different. but the result was worse.
so use the services without categorizing and fill the 6 original spaces.



It looks like this issue requires direct check of that page. You can create a staging website and/or temporary account if you want me to check that page directly. You can send private info here using private messaging feature, also you can use this link:

Please include a link to this topic if you decide to do what I mentioned above (it’s important).

Here is helpful tutorial:

Kind Regards, Roman.