The menu of the second and third level will not work on the mobile

If the second-level menu is longer than 6 fields may not display properly on the iPhone.
The third-level menu appears to the right but there is not enough space to see properly scribed.

if you see what I mean visit my website and try pressing on “ARGOMENTI” from the menu to see the problem with the second-level menu and “CINTURE E GRADI” for the third-level menu.

Thank You


Hi Enry,

I agree to what you are saying. Its difficult to traverse to the second and third level items on a touch device.

I will advice you to take care of these for the time being by using one the mobile menu plugins and in the mean time I will contact the author and pass on this message.

This link might help you search.

Hope it helps!!


thank you. for now I installed a plug-in but I hope that soon you manage to resolve the issue.

Thank you Enry for responding and acknowledging the request.

I have passed on the message to the theme author.

I will keep you posted if anything comes up.

Thanks again.

Hello, is there any chance that the problem is solved? It ‘s been a bit’ of time but I have not had more news and plug-in solutions that I have tried are not satisfactory. The user experience is not good.

there is a way to put the mobile-menu of Faschionista on Hiero?

thank you athemes for such a wonderful theme. recently i am installing your famous theme hiero. all is going right but today i saw my customize main menu is not displaying on my mobile. here is my website link

pls help.


Please try to deactivate all your plugins and try again with no plugins active.

Best Regards,