The H1 is found on this page, but the H2 and / or the H3 are missing


I had no H1 heading before so followed the following thread, inserted the code accordingly and it worked out for the H1.

However, I checked it out again with the tool as mentioned by Kharis,

This time I got this error message, the H2 and / or the H3 are missing.
Prior to inserting the code for H1, I had H2 and H3 but no H1 at that time. Do you have any idea to fix this?


Sorry, forgot to insert my site,


So you have H1 and H2, but you don’t have H3. It should be safe to ignore it, I mean you don’t need a H3 just for the sake of having it on a page where you’re just showing a slider.

Thank you for your reply, Vlad.

ok, I’m fine without H3 and will leave it as it is. Does my site have H2? Are those slider title/text H2? I’m just confused with the tool’s error message, “the H2 and / or the H3 are missing.”

Yes, the main slider title is H2 so I guess the /or the H3 part applies.

Good, wished I knew this way earlier but everything cleared now. Appreciated your help.