The front page's widgets won't translate (Polylang)


I’m most likely doing something wrong, but I can’t get the widgets of the front page to work correctly. I saw the video about translating Services, but it just doesn’t wotk the same way for me. I mean, I can translate services themselves.

I’ve tried three options:

  1. The front page (meaning the wodgets) for both languages is the same - English correct, CZE version doesn’t show the Services widget indeed
  2. If I try to change/rewrite anything on the CZ front page, the windgets change on the EN one as well so everything is in Czech then
  3. I duplicated the Services widget and for the second one (for CZ) I translated it to CZ, and use the czech version of the “slug” so it shows only the Czech services

I’m pretty sure this is not the optimal way as I can’t then translate the other widgets anyway. I would appreciate some help with that…

Thank you!

I mean, I can translate services themselves.

There’s no way to auto translate the entries have been typed. You should manually translate them. For plain content in a page, you should create a separate page. For widget, you should create a separate widget as well.

You’ve done a correct way translating services widget by creating separate entries identified by category slug.



Thank you for your quick answer. I’m not sure my question was fully understandable, though.
Both on the video here:

and here:

they are showing that with Polylang you just create a “copy” of the desired page in the desired language (with the plus), which I did as well inded. SO I have a front page both in EN and CZ and both are paired.

But then, they are showing that on the Spanish website (CZ in my case) you go to the widget and translate the title there, plus use the translated slug indeed to get the translated services shown, and the change is reflected. You have and EN front page with EN widget, and a SPanish front page with a SP widget. In my case, however, if I change the title (let’s say “what else I deal with” into “What”) it will also change again on the ENglish one too.So I get an EN page with EN services but using the translated title, and a CZ page with CZ services with the same title.

What I was thinking, and you are suggesting, is a way around that as when I duplicate the widget as well, it shows only for the relevant language, but I can’t do that for any other widget (such as Testimonials, blog posts etc.) as there is no “language” way to distinguish between them, thus they remain the same for both language versions…

Thank you agian for your help

Hello again,

I’m just wondering if there is anything to do about it…?

Thank you again.

Hello there,

Translating a page is actually generating a new link for target language. The content itself is a duplication of the source language. Meaning that you’ve to adjust the content yourself. In plain page editor, you’ll need re-type the content. If you’re using page builder widgets, you should re-enter the widget and adjust the content. For widgets which displays entries from a post type like Services, you can use category slug filter.

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Hi Kharis,
thank you for your answer. I totally understand that, but the whole point I’m trying to point out here is that it does NOT WORK this way.
Yes, I can create a website in the other language both by clicking on the plus right from the EN page, or creating a blank CZ page and then linking to the relevant EN. But the whole point here is that will always remain the same. Whatever I change on one page reflects on the other one as well when using Sydney/Site Origin widgets.

Let me try to make it clear again.

  1. I have an “About Me” page created in EN through page builder using widgets
  2. I click on the plus button (or create a blank new page and then link both togetgether, it does not matter, I tried both ways, but the result is the same)
  3. As you are saying, “If you’re using page builder widgets, you should re-enter the widget and adjust the content” - I re-enter the widgets and fill in with the Czech content. As you can see from the prntscrn I did it.
  4. I publish it and see what happens - The new Czech widget on the CZ “About Me (O mně)” page is on. However, so is on the EN “About Me” page. The change has been reflected on both pages. In other words, what you put on one a page of the CZ version is automatiacally shown on the EN version as well, and vice versa.

It works separetely when using the text editor/visual, but it does NOT WORK with widgets, the pages simply become duplicates (just with a different url). If I delete a widget on CZ page, it will delete also on the EN one.

I just wanted to let you know that the “magic” was under the Polylang’s setting - Translation of custom fields - Services, in case someone else encouters the same problem. This needs to be unchecked.