Thalia Theme Issue

I am having couple issues with my themes

  • image carousel for my desktop website is missing. it shows a row.pc arrangement which am not a fan of since my store is clothing

  • swatches and size swatch do not indicate that an item is out of stock please help

Hi @Rgh,

Unfortunately the first issue you have is out of our scope of work as it is a preference and not an actual issue with the theme.

The second issue has been fixed in the newest version of Thalia. Please follow the steps below to fix the issue:

  • Open the link below, and copy the entire code from it:
  • Go to Shopify admin of your store
  • Click Online Store
  • Click the actions dropdown next to your theme and click edit code
  • On the left side, search for swatch.liquid which you will find in the snippets folder
  • Open swatch.liquid file
  • Paste the code which you copied earlier

Swatches will now indicate out of stock items.

Thank you for using Thalia.