Textbox Focus


I have added some code using the WP Text widget that includes a text box half way down my home page. I’m having an issue in that when the page loads, the focus is on this text box and the page loads down in the middle of the page. Is there any way I can prevent this?

I know a little HTML and CSS, but I am at a loss here. I have read about using the “.blur” element, and it makes sense, I just don’t know where to put it.


Can you post a link to your site so I can see what you mean?

Hi Vlad,

The site is not live yet; I am still working through putting everything together. I love your theme and am trying to make it work for me.

Anyway, the link to the site is http://razmandj.site.aplus.net/. As you can see when it loads in, it loads to the “Song Search” section instead of the top of the page. Is there anyway to remove the focus from that text field?


I’m just checking in. Can anyone please help me with this?

Sorry, somehow this got lost.
I see what you mean but I’m not sure I can help as the issue seems to be caused by the iframe you’re using for the songs. And it’s not focus-related.
Perhaps they have some other embed code you can use? This iframe isn’t HTML5 valid anyway.

Thank you. I contacted the makers of my music search service and they modified their code so this does not occur anymore. Thank you for looking into this!