Text widget Title font size and padding

I am trying to reduce the space between the title and the content in text widget, also to reduce the title font size, in sydney wordpress theme, i tried the codes you provided here also i tried many css codes i found on the internet but not luck, can you help me with it please?
The links below first one is a screenshot for the issue and the second one is website link to one of the pages having the the same issue.The space between the title and the content of the text widget, also the font size of the title.


Hi Shadi,

Please try the following CSS code:

  • Reduce the space between widget title and the content:
.panel-grid-cell .widget-title {
    margin-bottom: 20px;
  • Reduce the font-size of the widget content:
.textwidget {
    font-size: 18px;

Hope it helps.


Hello Awan,
Thank you for your effort, but it did not work. This is what I did : I copied CSS code you provided then went to my website dashboard- selected the one of the pages I want to edit the text widget within it then clicked on the edit for the text widget then clicked on attributes then pasted CSS code you provided in CSS Styles field. Please advise if I did anything wrong or if there is any other options I have

Hi, sorry for the delay.

The code in above should not be pasted to the field in the widget.
Please install and activate Custom CSS plugin first, then go to Appearance > Custom CSS > and put the code in there.

Hello Awan,
Don’t worry about the delay, i have been working on this since months, i installed 3 custom CCS plugins and one of them worked finally.

Best Regards,

Great! glad to know that its working :slight_smile:

Can you use this custom CSS on individual text widgets? I want to add space between the title and the text , but only for certain text widgets within a row to get the row to line up. Thanks!

Hi @rgraham,

That’s not possible if only use CSS code only. Please hire a Wordpress developer from upwork.com or codeable.io to help you further.