Text Widget Not Saving Title When Page Updates


I have the following problem on my development site homepage at www.centerforspiritualdevelopment.com/dev/

I have tried different browsers to see if that was the issue but it did not make any difference.

When I add a some rows for the “Services” section I am having an issue.

I inserted Row 1 100% and a text widget, I wanted to put text in this row stating “OUR SERVICES”:

When I type “OUR SERVICES” in the title and type a in the slug I press done then update. After updating the page I go to the website and the title “OUR SERVICES” is not there. I have cleared the cache and updated the website and still not title. I go back to look at the text widget and the title did not stick so I retyped the title and pressed done, I then went back into edit of the text widget and the title is still there however when i press update to update the page the title disappears.

Row 2 for listing the services is showing up.

Can you help me to figure out what is going on???


Hello Jeff,

Check our documentation here https://athemes.com/documentation/sydney/ and make sure that you have installed types plugin, and then import setting file.

Also, you can try to reinstall the theme, and to disable all 3rd party plugins, and to test this again.

Let us know how it turned out.
All the Best!

It was the CKEditor plugin that was keeping it from saving the changes when updated. I disabled the plugin and everything worked fine.

Please mark as resolved.

Awesome! Glad to hear that you have find the culprit.

All the Best!