Text widget main title color won't update


Hello again, I am not sure if anybody has addressed this yet but I am trying to change my default text widget main title color under the customizer. It does not seem to update the text title even after I save and publish it. Please let me know if I am missing something. Thanks!



It doesn’t change because there is no option for it, not sure how you managed to find one :slight_smile: Front page widgets have individual settings for colors, the default text widget isn’t part of the theme so it doesn’t have those settings.

But you can change it with a bit of CSS like this:

.widget_text .widget-title {
    color: #000;

Let me know if you’re trying to target it in a specific place.


Ah, ok that makes sense. Your CSS worked great. What would the rule be for changing the text widget’s body color? Again, thanks for all the help!


This would do it (change #000 to the hex color you want, forgot to mention for the other one):

.widget_text {
    color: #000;

I do hope you’re using a custom CSS plugin for your customizations.


Got it, Thanks a lot Vlad!