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Hi there,

I have trawled through the support forum to try and see that my topic hasn’t been posted and solved before but I couldn’t find anything. But I do apologise if these problems have been solved before.
I have two problems in the development of my site that I would greatly appreciate some help with :slight_smile:

My site is www.savannahross.com.au

  1. I have a text widget with the shortcode for mansonry-portfolio. I also have another text widget with another portfolio plugin above it. There is an image that keeps coming up as the background for these two text widgets that I’d rather not have. I’ve deleted the image in Media, I’ve checked the customize options and it isn’t selected anywhere so I assume it’s part of the coding. Any advice on how I can get rid of the image and just have the background the same as the rest of the site?

  2. My menu items link to the corresponding sections on the front page (so it’s a one page site). Most of them work except for skills and testimonials - even though the #code is the one outlined in devtools. Additionally, when you select “contact” on the menu it takes it to skills and half of the contact section. Is there a way to lower it?

Thank you for your time!

Hi savannahross,

Background image
I believe that it is set as row background. Go to your front page, hit wrench icon for row where your text widget reside > Edit row > Theme and delete url for that field.

Menu items
For skills you have 2x http (http://http://savannahross.com.au/#pg-2040-3) and you can use just #skills or #yourid without http://… for all links

For testimonials you can use #testimonials

You also did not specified correctly IDs for example for testimonials you used #pg-2040-6, it is actually pgc-#2040-6-0

For contact, well it is expected, there is nowhere to scroll anymore, try setting contact as a widget with contact form maybe?