Text Slider

The text on the slider does not appear on my mobile phone, yet it does when I demo the theme. Is there a way to correct this?



Please note that you are posting in support forum for Alizee and you are using Sydney. Please post in correct support forums in future so everything stay organised.

Apply custom css code below with for example simple custom css plugin:

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
    .text-slider {
        display: block;

and text will be shown on mobile.

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Thanks, I am not familiar with CSS code, can you be more specific on what I need to do?

Wait for the next version please. The text slider will be displayed on mobiles too. Should be live shortly though it’s out of our hands at the moment.

Does the slider on the Pro version display on mobile?

Yeah, it displays on mobile. We’re bundling Revolution Slider in the pro version.

Also, just noticed that the new theme version is live so if you update you should see your text.

That worked great thanks! Also, am I able to remove your branding on the footer? Or do I need to upgrade to Pro. And if I upgrade to Pro is it an upgrade to my current free Sydney theme or a separate theme I have to download.

It’s a separate theme. Everything will stay in place except your settings from the Customizer. It also provides an option to add your own branding.

I need to add a custom audience tracking pixel for Facebook to my website and wanted to know if I can also add a conversion tracking pixel to the buttons on the same page. I have 3 call to action buttons and my menu item all redirect to the same capture page. Is this a service that you provide? And what is the cost?


How do I add a line of html code to a page other than my static home page? I don’t see where I can do this with your theme.