Text-slider: title & subtitle as H1 heading

Hi guys.

Could you please post a code for the additional CSS, which I can use to define the title and subtitle as H1 heading, for the purpose of SEO.

Unfortunately, I could not find anything suitable in the forum. Also the following code does not work:

.text-slider h1.maintitle{

font-size: 50px;


.text-slider h1.subtitle{

font-size: 25px;


I am looking forward to a timely feedback.

Big Greetz from Germany


Hi Tobi,

HTML tag can’t be changed with CSS. However it can be changed with Java Script but it change won’t effect search engines sine they will still scan initial tag before execution of JS. Proper way to do this is to change tags directly inside the theme. Search for “maintitle” inside wp-content/themes/sydney/inc/slider.php and replace all occurrences https://www.screencast.com/t/0nQvzLYk6 .

Since this file is included from functions.php, if you know what you are doing you can try to override it from child theme, since change above will be lost after each theme update, but also you can always make this change after each theme update.

Best Regards!

Hi Dimik.

Many thanks you for your quick and clear feedback, works great via child-theme.

Big Greetz from Germany