Text slider speed

The text slider speed in the header area of the Bistro theme seems to malfunction.
If I equal text and image speed, they donot synchronise.
So I commented out the include line
// require get_stylesheet_directory() . “/inc/slider.php”;
in the file kebabanadolu.be/wp-content/themes/bistro/functions.php
So the bad Bistro slider coding does not replace the normal Sidney slider.
The Sidney slider works better, but not perfect yet:
there seems to sit a BG-image under the sliding images.
Can someone comment on this topics?

My site: kebabAnadolu.be

Hello there,

Can you try a workaround from this topic https://athemes.com/forums/topic/slider-and-text/

Let us know how it turned out.
Best Regards!

Hi Dimikjones
Your workaround solves the problem indeed!
Now the images do slide perfect.
The Bistro slider.php is completely useless… maybe only for the pictures.
Many thanks.