Text Slider Speed - removal from v1.35


I updated to v1.35 today and noticed that ‘Text slider speed’ in Header Slider has been removed. This means that the header text on my website no longer changes automatically (it can still be forced to change manually using the right arrow key). I have therefore had to revert to v1.34

Can you please advise why this functionality has been removed and if there are any plans to reinstate it in later versions?

Also, I haven’t been able to find a theme change log on your website. Is there one? It would be useful to know what changes have been made at each theme revision to be able to assess whether or not to proceed with an update.



The text slider has been merged with the image slider to fix an issue where they became out of sync. We’ve removed the text speed option since there was nothing for it to control anymore. Now they slide together and the speed is controlled by the option that’s still there in the Customizer. It should be at 4000ms in case you didn’t set it to 0. I’m sorry if this caused any troubles but we had no other way to make them stay synched.

The changelog is in the theme’s package. Here’s the current one: https://themes.svn.wordpress.org/sydney/1.26/changelog.txt


Thanks for the explanation. The issue I have is that I use the same background image for every slider text (i.e. the image stays the same but the text changes). If I use the ‘Slider Speed’ option at 4000ms the same image fades out and then in again with each change of text. That doesn’t look good. Is there any way to stop to stop the image from fading out and in again with each new slide-in of text?

Thanks for the info about the change log.

Sure, use this in a custom CSS plugin:

.slides-container .slide-item {
      opacity: 1 !important;

It will affect the text animation a bit (it will make the sliding shorter).

Thanks. The text still doesn’t change automatically - I have to use the right arrow to force it to change. I see what you mean about the text animation being a bit different. It doesn’t look as good as before when it swiped in from the right of screen rather than swiping in from the end of the text block.

I will revert to v1.34 and stick with that version as it’s proven and works the way I want it to.