Text overlapping on mobile

Hi there,

It seems the text in the Sydney theme on mobile on http://frederictonhoteldirectory.info is overlapping each other i.e. one is not under the other so it is hard to read. It looks fine on laptop.

Would anyone know how to correct this?

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It’s because your title goes on three lines on mobile. I think the best option in your case would be to just hide the site tagline on small screens by adding this in a custom CSS plugin:

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
     .site-description {
         display: none;

Hi there,

I deleted the tagline for now, but how can I get rid of the 3 bars stacked on top of each other (the menu icon) under the site title? It’s overlapping with the scrolling text on iPhone.


Hi, it won’t be wise to remove it unless you building one page website. Here is the code for it:

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
     .btn-menu {
         display: none;

Thanks very much for your reply.

How do I get access to the CSS to be able to edit?

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Easiest way is to use simple custom css plugin and just paste the code.

I have the same problem. It looks overall great on the laptop but the header area looks kinda messy on mobile. I installed and downloaded simple custom css. I am using a logo and no site tagline. So the first css code doesn’t work in my case. The second would work, but I don’t want to remove the menu. Is there an option to remove the title that comes with the slider? Or any other suggestions?


Many Thanks!

Sure, you can remove the text from the slides on smaller screens. Though I’m not seeing any overlapping in your case. This would do it:

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
     .text-slider {
         display: none;

Thanks a lot, well it worked, but now the button just moved up and is overlapping with the menu. :smiley:

Any idea about how to let it look somehow nicely?

I checked it on an iPhone screen. Did you check in on a smartphone? I am just a bit confused as you wrote that you don’t see any overlapping. Is it possible that it works fine on other smartphones based on android or whatever?

I am wondering the same thing as Annabell. Kind regards.

So I did some changes that should work well for most use cases. The text slider is now hidden by default because it won’t have enough space for most people. Tested on both iphone and android. Copy the styles from here and replace it in your style.css from Appearance > Editor. Will be included in the next update also.

Hey Vlad,

thanks for all your effort. I would love to try it but for whatever reason I don’t have an Editor under Appearance. I searched the internet and seams to be a problem that many people have. Tried out some stuff people recommended but couldn’t solve it by now. Any suggestions? Anyone else having the same problem?


Check the wp-config file doesn’t have define(‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true); in it. Also it can be disabled by your hosting provider.

Use FTP client to download, edit and upload files (like FileZilla).

Thanks guys,

wow, that was challenging, but it works now! The function was disabled by my host.

Thanks again for your great work!

Great. Ratings are appreciated if you get a chance: https://wordpress.org/themes/sydney/ :slight_smile:

Hi Vlad,

With updates, do they automatically flow out to wherever WordPress sites the theme is installed on already and give me a notification to say ‘hey an upgrade of your theme is available’?

Or … does it upgrade the WordPress theme automatically as soon as it is released?

When will you be releasing the update generally?

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You get a notice when an update is available.
It goes like this: we submit the update -> it stays in the queue a few days -> the code is reviewed by the review team at wordpress.org -> the update goes live.
For example we now have an update in the queue.

As I said before, ratings are appreciated if you enjoy the theme :slight_smile:

Awesome thank you Vlad!

No idea where to rate the theme, been looking :slight_smile: