Text only with "text widget"

Hello, I have build a web page with your theme astrid on wordpress.

And I have a question. All the texts there is on the web is placed with the “text widget”. And I don´t know if is required to place the same text on the pages secction of wordpress or I have to leave this pages without anything, like blank pages.

sample images:

the web is this: http://www.regalaunvideo.com

Hello @joshuekant,

You can leave it as it is now, that’s okay.

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Thanks Roman

Finally I wrote the same text in the widget as in the page.

That’s ok too?

Hello @joshuekant,

Well, if the result is positive, then that’s okay too :slight_smile:

Kind Regards, Roman.