Text on page width

On my new homepage I’m using the Solon theme. I am very glad with this theme. However there is a problem to show the text on various pages. In the Wordpress editor I have chosen the ‘Full width’, but still the text width is limited. I am curious to know, is it something generated bij the Solon theme or the main Wordpress software. Here an example: (https://www.defensiebrandweer.nl/index.php/test/). Thanks for your reaction. Fred.

Hi Fred, it requires login access to enter your site. can you disable it for a while or you can send me a private message for login access.


Hello Awan,
I have removed the block. If it doesn’t work, let me hear please.

Thank you, Fred, I can access it now as well.
So, that was the default fullwidth for the fullwidth template. If you want to extend the width, you need to add this CSS code to Customize > additional CSS:

.page-template-page_fullwidth .site-content.container {
    width: 100%;