Text of mobile menu is not visible, Font color CSS problem?

Dear Sydney Fans, dear aThemes masters,

my mobile menu at https://www.sectel.io is messed up :frowning:
(you can see that on narrow sized browser window, too)

I don’t know whether possibly any plugin disturbed that, however I’m a CSS newbie and couldn’t find out where’s this font style pulled from.

Wouldn’t you have the golden idea how to get this right?



Looks like you changed the color in the stylesheet. Do a search for this #mainnav-mobi ul>li>a. The default should be #fff but you have a different color. Also, you shouldn’t alter the stylesheet directly. Use a child theme or a custom CSS plugin.

Thanks for the superquick answer, Vlad!
I checked that out right now.

Didn’t help. I didn’t interfere with the sytyle.css manually before neither… I did try WooCommerce and several other plugins and I was wondering whether any of these (or Cloudflare?) could interfere with that.

I pasted the Style.Css and my Custom Css into http://pastebin.com/Qkkin9mh

Wanted to go through all Plugins now and started by deactivating “Shortcode Exec PHP”. Et Voilà, white font appeared. Then I re-activated this plugin and white font remained!!
So now I’m still confused. Any good guess what to look for to get this “under control”?


P.S. List of installed Plugins:
Black Studio TinyMCE Widget
Contact Form 7
Easy Google Fonts
Force Regenerate Thumbnails
Google Authenticator
Gravity Forms Multilingual
Page Builder by SiteOrigin
Revolution Slider
Simple Custom CSS
SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle
Tawk.to Live Chat
Theme My Login
WordPress HTTPS
WordPress Importer
WPML Compatibility Test Tools
WPML Multilingual CMS
WPML Sticky Links
WPML String Translation
WPML Translation Management
X – Shortcodes

Easy Digital Downloads
Paymentwall for WooCommerce
WP Custom Login
WooCommerce EU VAT Compliance (Free)
WPML Media
Shortcode Exec PHP

Still doesn’t look white to me.
I see you’re using a minified version of the stylesheet. Could you try regenerating it?

Hi Vlad and Forum community,
i didn’t minify myself, but the mighty Cloudflare did. Since i switched off JS,CSS,HTML Minify the menu font shows correctly (white).
http://imgur.com/tQDnyJF (Cloudflare setting now)
Strange, isn’t it? Is there any not minifyable CSS instructions in the Sydney Style.Css ?

Is there any not minifyable CSS instructions in the Sydney Style.Css

To be honest, I have no idea why that color is showing up. And I doubt Cloudfare added it. Are you sure you haven’t changed it? Or maybe somebody else is working with you on the site and he changed the color?
Try uninstalling the plugin, maybe it will delete the cached files and then reinstall it.

I purged the Cloudflare cache. Problem seems to be really their CSS/JS Minify mechanism and it’s working with Sydney theme. I installed “Better WP Minify” Plugin now to minify on-site and let Cloudflare do the CDN only.
Will observe the results.