Text not visible under the slider on front page


I have a problem with my front page on my Mobile view, when I try to have Responsive Slider Mobile Behaviour. When I open it the slider shows normal but then the text is not visible at start, but becomes visible when you scroll down. On my desktop I have set the motion effect slide from side, but on mobile there is None.

My site

I changed it in Customizing / Header Area / to Full screen Slider Mobile Behaviour and now the text is visible from begining.

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Hello there,

I replicated the text on your main slider as well as below custom CSS code on my test site.

    #slideshow .slide-item-1 .maintitle::before {
      content: 'Pot dolga tisoče kilometrov';

    #slideshow .slide-item-2 .maintitle::before {
      content: 'Najdaljša je pot, ki te privede najbliže k sebi,';

    #slideshow .maintitle::before {
      display: block;

It looks like everything appears good on my phone.

Would you mind enabling responsive slider mode temporarily to allow me checking it directly?


I have to say, that it looks even better when the Full Full screen Slider Mobile Behaviour is set.

It could have been that I didn´t clear the cache.

The problem was, that when I had Responsive slider mode anbled, when I opened the site on my mobile, i.e. on your page, there was a white space under the Slider, with no text visible, i.e. the text on your site

Halo dunia…

became visible when I scrolled the page down.

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