Text message in call to action

Hey Vlad,
Last time you solved my issue. This time i want to change the text style in call to action block (Moesia fp-call to action), I mean how can I change it from capital letters to small letters.
I don’t want it in capital letters, please help asap.

Hi, try custom CSS below:

.action-text {
  text-transform: none;

Following is what i have.I am unable to customize CSS. Can you do it for me…

<section id=“call-to-action” class=“action-area”>
<div class=“container”>
<?php if ( $title ) echo $before_title . ‘<span class=“wow bounce”>’ . $title . ‘</span>’ . $after_title; ?>
<?php if ($action_text !=’’) : ?>
<div class=“action-text wow zoomIn”>
<?php echo $action_text; ?>
<?php endif; ?>
<?php if ($action_btn_link !=’’) : ?>
" class=“call-to-action wow zoomInUp”><?php echo esc_html($action_btn_text); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

Code that I gave is setting content text for CTA section to default (not uppercase). You just need to apply it for ex. with simple custom css plugin.

I installed simple custom CSS, added the text you gave me above and updated custom CSS but nothing happened. Still letters are in Upper case.

Oh no i mean yes… It just worked. Thank you…thank you very much.