Text length in pages

Hello, I’m using a full-width page template and I noticed that the text is too long, forcing one to scroll horizontally to see all the text. All my attempts to limit it to browser window length (or lower width than browser window, say 800 px as an example) have resulted in failure. I set up my site (not online yet, want to finish it first) to have different layouts for phone, tablet and desktop but for some reason it only wraps properly on phones, scrolling vertically instead of horizontally.

I managed to limit the text with the max-width property if I use overflow but it just adds a horizontal scroll bar or hides text after the max-width. I can’t get it to wrap and start new lines as needed…

Thank you very much


Please post a link to your website, so I can check.

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Hello there,

Apologies, I can’t reproduce the issue on my end. Would you please take a screenshot and share it here? You could use free file hosting service like http://cloudup.com to upload it.



Would it be possible to send the screenshot by e-mail? It’s not really ready to be out in public yet.

Thank you

Hello there,

You can send it to my email kharisblank @gmaildotcom. Please enclose the link to this topic.