Text justify

Would you please take a look why the employees section isn’t justifying the text of the first column?

I’m using the code

.employee {
text-align: justify;

in the Custom CSS, but it’s justifying the text in the second and third column.

Thanks a lot!

The website is in: http://2ndvision.web.ua.pt/

Edit your first employee - you’ve set an inline text-align: left for that paragraph.

Thanks a lot, man!

By the way, would you mind to see how can I justify the text right above this section?

You can use this:

#panel-2040-2-0-0 {
      text-align: right;

But it looks awkward aligned right.

Thanks once again, Vlad!

I asked for justified. I put it there, don’t worry.

You can close the thread.

Ah :slight_smile: I guess I’m tired.