Text going under the menu, with both type of menu


I’m writing to you because I have a problem that was never taking care of, nobody have helped me on the matter in the past even if I opened a topic for support, here. I don’t know if it’s because nobody could understand the problem.

The problem was at first that my text was going under my dark grey menu with the “static menu” option, after an update I did of the Sydney theme. So, I finally found the problem after a few days and opted for the “mis de l’avant menu” option (so the 2nd menu option), the text was normal and not under the menu anymore, but this menu was not my preference at all. The problem seemed to be a bug with the first type of menu, the static. Nobody could fixed it when I ask it here, like it was not a problem… Now, the problem is with both type of menu after doing this last update I had to do this morning, Dec 17th!

I was afraid of that day, of doing an update and both menu would not work anymore on my website. Today is the day.

I have picture for your to understand :

http://hannamontreal.com/wp-content/uploads/staticmenu.jpg - STATIC MENU (the first I had, I would love to go back with this option but the theme had a bug on it and I couldn’t use it anymore)

http://hannamontreal.com/wp-content/uploads/misdelavantmenu.jpg - MIS DE L’AVANT (for the one I changed till today, but now both have the same problem)

I really hope this time someone can help me with this problem that exist for a long time now. I was happy with your theme, but this bug will force my to change my theme ASAP if nobody can help.

Thank you

I can see I’m using CHROME and the problem appears. When trying with IExplorer, the problem doesn’t appear. How can it be consistent, with any browsers?

Thank you.


Can you please clear your cache in Chrome? I’m pretty sure there’s no issue here, at least I’m not seeing any in Chrome: https://snag.gy/bClukQ.jpg

But if there’s is an issue, I’ll help you with it.