Text formatting

I have a problem with text formatting.
All posts are not respecting text formatting which I try to set during creating a post, all sentences are one by one, can’t make any tabulations, center/left/right text alignment or any paragraphs.

Also URL links are dead (not responsive, showing as simple text)

https://app.box.com/s/2l76bgooaiugxz3r5t6eelnkqz6fnjeo - screenshot

On the screenshot :
upper screanshot - how I want text formatting looks like
down screenshot - how katori show my published post

Is there any chance to take control over text formatting ?

My site:

Sorry for disturbing…I found solution.

You have to sign “Check this box to display the full content of the posts on the home page” option in theme optimization panel in “blog options” setting.

I leave this problem-solution post if anyone else will have this problem, or if admin decide then please erase thist two posts.

Thank you for fantastic theme !