Text editor problem

Hello mates, I have a huge problem with text editor and I need a fast solutiuon for that one. After updating live composer to latest version, which is 1.0.7 i’m not able to confirm typed text - i’m placing text module in modules area, click on “edit content” and i can write down text i want, but there is no option to confirm changes (there is a new button on screen “open in live composer” but it doesnt work either. I have tried to turn off all plugins which could influence on text editor but i’ve failed to solve this problem that’s why i’m asking you for help.
I’m building this site on my localhost so i can’t share link for it, but i have screenshot showing this problem (on this screenshot you can see text editor module without confirm button).

I will be grateful for your help

Solved by Live Composer crew - they have uploaded quick fix today ver. - so if anyone else bothering with this issue just update your plugin and everything will work like before.

Great! I am glad to know that you have been able to resolve it. Thank you for sharing. It would be extremely useful for others who might have similar issue.