Text colour issue - Sydney

Hi i neeeded to change the white !important CSS code as it was interrupting another section of the site, the whole site is fine now in terms of text colour but this one page.

refer to this link - http://mjborgrealty.com.au/properties/4-House-AUD745000/

as you’ll see there is grey text and black text which is very hard to see i want it white please

the blue text on the page is fine ill keep that

please assist

Hello there,

Please try adding this extra custom CSS code:

.wpl_prp_show_container .tabs_box .tabs li a,
.wpl_prp_right_boxe_details_left li span.value,
.wpl_property_show .wpl_profile_container_title,
.wpl_property_show .wpl_profile_container_title .tel,
.wpl_property_show .wpl_profile_container_title .mobile,
.wpl_property_show .wpl_prp_show_container .wpl_agent_info_r li,
.wpl_property_show .wpl_prp_show_detail_boxes_cont .rows span {
  color: #fff !important;  


Hey bro that worked fine just the email is still black please check :slight_smile: THANKS

Hello there,

I noticed the email address is turned to an image. I guess the plugin is intentionally doing this to avoid spam attach. To verify, I’d recommend you contact the plugin author. The possible solution I can see is to make a light background. Please try adding this extra CSS code:

.wpl_agent_info_r li.email {
  background-color: rgba(255,255,255,0.8);
  padding-left: 29px;
  padding-right: 3px;
  margin-left: -3px;

.wpl_agent_info_r li.email:before {
  color: #000;
  left: 4px;

You’d do some adjustment necessarily.


that strange cause when i had the white wrap for whole site !important
the email was white but then i had to remove the !important because it was interrupting another part of my site
what do i say to the plugin creator, i dont think they will be able to assist will they

Hello there,

I am sorry, because it isn’t part of our Sydney theme code, we can’t provide you the exact solution other than CSS code. If the plugin author couldn’t answer, you’d need to hire a coder from upwork.com or other outsourcing marketplace you’d prefer.