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Hi I am trying to get the white text box to be a bit more transparent so you can see some of the background but still read the text. I am a complete beginner and do not know what I am doing with css editor. I have contacted my host who have referred me to you:

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Hello Chris,

I did try to edit the theme to make changes in transparency. I was not able to make those changes. I suggest you to contact contact your theme vendor at https://athemes.com/ and have this issue sorted from your end.


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That is not their job :slight_smile:

You can apply custom css code below with simple custom css plugin:

.container.content-wrapper {
    background-color: rgba(255,255,255,0.8);

and adjust values acording to your liking (last one 0.8 is opacity).

You can also find this link usefull if you want to change background color value http://hex2rgba.devoth.com/

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Thanks for the speedy response. this worked great :slight_smile: if I want to change the opacity from 0.8 to 0.7 for example, do I just re enter code into the simple custom css and it will override or do I need to find where that code went and just change the opacity value? Also on the brown header where the menu is, I want to make that opaque I think, What do I need to do there? thanks again.


  1. If you want to change it to 0.7, just change existing code inside custom css plugin.

  2. To make header to be non transparent apply custom css code below with simple css plugin:

/*header opaque*/
header#masthead {
    background-color: rgba(127,93,59,1);

Note that, you won’t be able to change header color settings from customizer since this settings will be overridden with custom css code, if you need to change header color you will have to remove this code or to change it to desired color with previously provided link - http://hex2rgba.devoth.com/

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Thanks a lot, everything works perfect now. 5 star support team :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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