Text Block/widget on front page

Hi, I’d like to put in a block of text only (similar to how the block quote widget looks but not a quote) on the front page. The text widget isn’t formattable. Is there another widget for this? (with no coding required?) thanks

Hi, yes, install Black Studio TinyMCE Widget.

Hi. Just a note from a newb trying to get my bearings in Moesia.

If “Black Studio Tiny MCE Widget” is necessary in order to edit text on the front page, it sure would be nice if it were mentioned along with the other required plugins in the documentation:

Better still would be if Moesia weren’t dependent on a bunch of external plugins at all. So far it seems to me that getting all the prerequisites installed for Moesia is more trouble than the GUI/Widget-based interface is worth. I’d trade the GUI for a shortcode-based solution that worked out of the box.

Hi pzriddle,

That widget is not necessary, it was just a recommendation.
Moesia is dependent on plugins because some things are only allowed in plugins. So themes on wordpress.org cannot do whatever they want. For example the custom post types we’re using (services, employees etc.) are not allowed. Shortcodes also aren’t allowed.
You must realize it would have been much easier for us to code all these things in the theme than to take the approach we’re taking now, but it’s not permitted.

Hm, I didn’t know about the plugin/theme division of functionality at wordpress.org. That’s a shame. If you’re facing this issue in the future, one option to consider might be rolling up all the plugin functionality you need into one plugin, rather than making us install several.

That said, I do owe you an apology for one thing (I said I was a Moesia newb): I didn’t understand that in order to edit a block of text I would have to, at a minimum, add a “Text” widget.

To make life easier for newbs like me you might consider mentioning “Text” in section 3 of your documentation - and “Visual Editor” too, while you’re at it. Just a suggestion.

Rolling up everything in a plugin is an idea, but it doesn’t make sense here. We recommend only Types + Page Builder. Not sure what you have against plugins :slight_smile:

The Text widget is the most basic widget that exists and it’s part of Wordpress, not part of the theme. We really can’t explain everything Wordpress-related in a single theme documentation :wink: But I’ll keep this in mind next time I’ll check the documentation page.

My basic conceptual error was in not understanding that on the Front Page, everything has to be in a widget. I watched your screencast but without narration didn’t understand what I was seeing. (To complicate matters further, my front (home) page already had content from a previous theme - I still don’t know how that was supposed to work in Moesia’s widget-centric universe.)

I’m not a WordPress newb, just a Moesia newb. Unless I’m the only person who is confused, rethinking your documentation might clear that up.

You may not recommend the Black Studio Tiny MCE Widget plugin in your docs but you probably should, since it replaces essential functionality that is lost when everything has to be in a widget.

What do I have against plugins? Think of it as friction in your sales funnel: when I’m trying out a theme to see if it meets my needs, every additional installation step makes me that much more likely to give up and go elsewhere.

And after the sale, plugins are a pain because they constantly need upgrading - not to mention the risk that any given upgrade will break something.

Thanks for your patience with my learning curve.