Testimonials timing and pictures bigger

I am trying to make the testimonial images larger and also the speed of the testimonials transitions longer. I would prefer if the testimonials stopped when the mouse hovered over them, but would also like them to be longer so it gives enough time for the reader to be able to read the text. The section is under ‘OUR SPEAKERS’ on the homepage.
The website is: medx.manmedsoc.com


You can set the speed of the testimonial speed from the widgets (FP: Testimonial). As default, the testimonial slider would stoped when you click over them, and there is no option to stop the slider when mouse are hovered over them.

Hi, i cannot find where to set the speed of the testimonial? if you could direct me further…

in the widget settings the last row

Hi, sorry for the delay.

you can set the timer from here http://prntscr.com/8wbx8v

I don’t seem to have the autoplay selection at the bottom of that widget. Is there any other way to do this?