Testimonials text (mobile) doesn´t work

my testimonials aren´t changing. Because of that they are upon each other (image). Tested it with Iphone 5/s safari and chrome. page (mywoofi.de)

can you post the URL of your site?

what settings would i have to change? Maybe the media queries are the problem?

Hi again,

Not sure what cause it. The media queries are worked well in any device

The slider works fine on my android with chrome.

But I found another weird thing: http://fs5.directupload.net/images/151022/l6x9k5cj.png
Why does this row has an inline padding of 100px? That breaks the whole text together. I would suggest to add breakpoints at “Fitnessarmband” too, so that it looks like

You can use this instead: Fitness­armband
­ is a breakpoint where the word can break if the line is not large enough.

Thank you very much. That is the solution for my other problems :stuck_out_tongue:
So now i would only have to fix the testimonialslider…

the testimonial slider is still not working…