Testimonials Sydney Theme

Hi there,
I have Sydney Pro and I would like to change the speed on the Testimonials section or at least to use de buttons on the bottom to move from one to another one like in the Employees section. I don’t have enough time to read the phrases :wink:

Please help me!!!

Thanks in advance.



I answered you yesterday and told you it’s not possible without some code changes :slight_smile: We’ll see if there is enough reason to implement an option for this.
The buttons work the same as for the employees section, not really sure what you mean there.

Hi Vlad,
I’m so sorry. It was my fault. I mean that in the employees section, there is no movement between one employee and the next one, and you have to push de button below the employee to move forward to the next one. I would like the same in the Testimonial section, no movement automatically.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your help.
I promise no more questions about the speed in that section :slight_smile:



No movement is the same thing as controlling the speed for the carousel, the same piece of code needs to be changed. We’ll have to implement options for this :slight_smile:

Hi Vlad,
there is a way to add a lazy loading to that part so it will start just on hover of the user, like the counter part of the numbers?

Thanks again

No, not at the moment anyway. The facts widget doesn’t start animating on hover, it starts when the widget is visible on the screen.

Oki, too bad!

Still great Theme,
have a good weekend.