Testimonials - reverts to Archives:Testimonials on publication


I am using Visual Composer with Sydney

I have designed a simple testimonials page with a masonry grid that I like and an icon. It looks great as a preview. But when I publish the page the icon and grid don’t appear - it reverts to a simple list of posts under the heading archives:testimonials. When I revert to draft mode it goes back to the grid and icon.

What’s going on?
Do I have to use Page Builder to get this feature to work?

Hello @nortical,

Can you please try to change permalink of that page and see if it helps?

Kind Regards, Roman.


I changed the permalink from /testimonials/ to something else and the page now loads fine.
I guess there was some sort of confusion by using the same name as the post type in the permalink.


You are welcome @nortical!

/testimonials/ is reserved slug for testimonials archive, that’s what you saw.

Kind Regards, Roman.