Testimonials not showing up

First I want to say thanks a lot for your help today!!
The site is starting to look like something really great and people are very impressed with the theme!

I am trying to add testimonials and for some reason all I get is a blank area (near the bottom)
The interesting thing is when I go to the site on my smartphone the testimonial area does show up.
It does not have anything to do with the language as I tried switching to English and I did try to play around with the css with no success.
Do you think you could possibly have a look and see what could be the matter?


password to enter - merkaz


The thing is that you’re not building the front page as you’re supposed too and that’s causing various inconsistencies in spacing etc.

Please have a look at the screenshot from the documentation, you need to use only one row and add all your blocks on that row in a single column. This is how the theme is meant to work and this is how it’s styled.

You are A1!!!

Happy to help.

Please use this code to resolve the alignment issues you’re having in Hebrew mode for the icons in Contact and Projects:

.contact-address .fa,
.contact-phone .fa,
.contact-email .fa,
.pp-icon {
    direction: ltr;

Feel free to let me know if there are other issues caused by RTL display, I’m not seeing anything else at the moment.

I cant get my services, skills, testamonials to show up either. Ive added the blocks to fp one for each section and saved it as a front page template. www.iheep.com

But you didn’t actually set your front page as static. Do that from Customize > Static Front page and assign the page you built using the blocks as static, and another page for your blog posts.

Or you did but something is messing up things there. Nothing should look like it does at the moment.

Confirm please if you’ve set your page as static and we’ll move on from there.

Yes it is set as static but only skills shows up for some reason and not the others

You didn’t add the right widget for the testimonials. You need to add the one called Moesia FP: Testimonials. And I’m not seeing any other widgets added.

all the widgets are correct with a FP beside them. I have set the front page static and the posts are set for Blog. Do I have to let the parent on the right hand side as something?

Earlier when I checked you were using the wrong widget, now you have only the skills one.

So, let’s start from the beginning:

  • You need to add Testimonials from the testimonials tab in your dashboard
  • You need to place the Moesia FP: Testimonials widget right below your skills widget.

If you’re unsure how to do that feel free to send a temporary account for me at vlad[at]athemes.com and I’ll do it for you.

Hi Vlad,

Thank you soooo much.

I’ve sent you permission and the password //removed password

and I made you an editor.

I would need an admin account to do it. Also, have you not imported the settings file for Types?

Hi Vlad, ok I made you an admin account //

I uploaded the types plugin. I will check the settings file for types

Thank you


I imported the settings file and also made a testimonial for you. You can see it on the front page.

I just gotta ask, how did you expect to display testimonials if you didn’t actually had any testimonials? :slight_smile:

Hi Vlad I sent you an email making you an admin and I saw you got in and were editing testamonials. I imported types also. Do you have any thoughts??? Thank you

I had been messing around and made one and took it back out again. I was playing around with making the testamonial images smaller within the media.

Thank you Vlad. You are a superman !!! Vlad the Bad !!!