Testimonials Disappeared?


I created my wordpress site with the sydney theme a few weeks ago. At first all of my testimonials appeared on the home page slider - but now it scrolls through with blanks? It appears as if all 6 should be there (there are circle dots representing each one) but they are blank. Iv tried deleting and creating each testimonial again, changing the background and colors, but nothing seems to work? Even more surprising sometimes one or two testimonials appear - but not the others? Each formatting is exactly the same? Any ideas? Thank you!

my site is beyogasweden.se


We haven’t changed anything to the testimonials widget so I don’t really know where your issue comes from. Try disabling some of your plugins, perhaps there’s a conflict with a plugin you recently installed/updated.
You might also want to switch to the Front Page template.

Thanks for your message. I tried your recommendations and nothing worked? changing to the front page template removed the black box - so it looks better, but still the same problems I mentioned above. I only have 3 plugins downloaded and 2 were recommend for the sydney theme and the other is a custom css plugin. I wouldnt think these would cause any problems? I dont want to mess with these too much so my website messes up? Any other ideas?

A BIGGER problem just happened!! I was trying to look at updates to see if that was a problem (I dont really know what I am doing) and the dashboard recommended a few updates - one of which is for the sydney theme - I thought this would help and my now my website is BLANK!! What do I do to reverse this?! HELP!

That update was been available for two weeks and it didn’t cause any problems. You probably closed the window while the update was performing.
Do you have access to your admin area?

Yes i Have access to the admin area - but when I go to the site it has become blank - beyogasweden.se

Then deactivate the theme, delete it and then reinstall it. Something probably failed during the update.

Could you please explain how to do this? My sydney theme has disappeared from teh installed themes page, my wordpress site has somehow switched to another theme that I have never used and when i search for the Sydeny theme under the “add new” option it says that it is already installed?

and there are no options to delete from this menu or to add the sydney theme back to the main themes menu -please help! my business is stalled today since the website is down …