Testimonial Widget and page builder



My issue is when I insert the testimonial widget onto a page using page builder on Update I am taken to either text or visual editor (I lose all my page builder rows etc). I can only access page builder again by agreeing all the data be copied over (which goes in one row). HELP!

The only way I can get page builder editor back is by uploading a previous revision. Every time I try adding a testimonial widget it happens all over again.

Assistance much appreciated.


Hello there,

Thank you for reporting. I’m afraid I can’t replicate the issue on my end. Could you please give me an access to your site admin area so I can have a look?

Please send me the login credentials to my email kharisblank at gmail dotcom.

Warmest regards,


Hello there,

Thank you for the login credentials.

Could you please try to reinstall the page builder plugin manually through FTP?

Let me know how it goes. I’ll wait to hear back from you regarding your stats.

Warmest regards,


umm sorry what is FTP?


Also if I reinstall will my current page builder pages still be there?


Hello there,

Head on here for more information about FTP:

Just overwrite the existing the page builder plugin files in wp-content/plugins/siteorigin-panels folder.

Your current page builder pages still remain. If you’re not sure, I’d suggest you to backup your site.

Warmest regards,