Testimonial title colour change


Hi, i’ve been trying to change the colour of the title from the testimonials widget on the front page so it can be seen on the background. The colour is currently grey and i want it to be white - so #ffffff. The demo page has a colour change for that particular rows title and i want to do the same.

My website is medx.manmedsoc.com and the particular row is on the front page where i would like to change the ‘OUR SPEAKERS’ font colour.



Plese apply custom css code below. You can apply the code with simple custom css plugin.

.widget_sydney_testimonials h3.widget-title {
    color: #ffffff;

Resutl should llok like this http://screencast.com/t/mxQC0CgkA

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worked perfectly, is there anyway i can change the purple in that box to a lighter purple maybe? its just a bit difficult to see right now


especially the names of the speakers underneath their pictures and the links in the text


colour change in the testimonial box from current purple to #BC80D1



Yes, apply custom css code below:

/* testimonials separator color */
.widget_sydney_testimonials h3.widget-title:after {
    background-color: #5f0084;
/* testimonials qoute link*/
.widget_sydney_testimonials blockquote.whisper p a {
    color: #5f0084;
/* testimonials name*/
.widget_sydney_testimonials .roll-testimonials .name {
    color: #5f0084;

Although, I think that you should use even lighter purple color.

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That’s perfect! i used a lighter colour and it looks great! so much easier than having to look up this stuff on google for hours!

before i resolve this, how do you know what the code is for each section/problem? is there a document on it or have you learnt this all? just so i don’t have to question every single time i get stuck!



Well I learn every day, but CSS and HTML are not so hard to learn. There is no documentation, and there is no need to learn css selectors for every theme, you can always see them with google chrome developer tools for example http://screencast.com/t/LewbMXbIa9 :slight_smile:

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Haha! that’s great! thanks a lot!! :slight_smile: