Testimonial submit

Hi there, i’ve downloaded the sydney free theme and am making experiments. i’m trying to make a way to submit testimonials with a form but cant figure it out. Is there a way to automaticaly submit a testimonial in the free version? what about the pro version? Tks in advance =)

Hello there,

Such that feature isn’t available on both free and pro version of Sydney. But you still have a chance to have something like so by using the Contact Form 7 plugin. But it won’t be automatically published on the site. The submitted information will be sent to your email. Then you have to manually compose the testimonial entries through Dashboard > Testimonials > Add New Testimonial.


Tks Kharis. That’s what i was thinking. Anyway, i guess it would be a nice feature to have at least on the pro version (a form to submit the testimonials or something). Tks again =)