Testimonial Custom Post


First off best looking WP theme I have scene or used so far. Big Thanks!

I having a bad case of the noobs today so here I am, but that’s what forums are for right? Right!

Trying to set up the testimonials block (and I noticed a few others) says to “add some testimonials from the dashboard” or “custom posts”. I’m lost. Cant find it anywhere. As I noted above I just noticed like 3 minutes ago that a few other “blocks” say the same thing.

“Services – This block assumes that you have already set up some services from the Services tab.”
"Employees – As before, you need to add your employees as custom post types."
etc. I’m sure you get the idea. Any help would be awesome thanks!




Thanks for your comments. Seems like you missed the first part of the documentation: https://athemes.com/documentation/moesia/#quick :slight_smile: Let me know if there’s anything there that doesn’t make sense.


Thanks for quick response… I just double checked… I did all that. I have had this page open all day making sure I follow it to the T. Im deff missing something.


I think I just saw what I was missing… I have to make the custom fields in Types no?


Just to make sure I understand, the issue is that you don’t find where to add Testimonials, right?

If you followed the steps then you should have Testimonials, Services etc right next to your regular Posts.


You don’t need to make them, everything is already made, you just need to import the xml file referenced in the documentation.


No I do not… here I attached a screen shot of my dashboard so you can see what Im looking at.




Not sure if you saw my last post, you need to import the settings file.
-Go here
-Right click and save as xml
-import that file into Types using its import feature.


I did that. When I first started. Were you able to see my screenshot?


I saw it. You didn’t, not in the right place anyway :slight_smile: You need to import it from Types > Import/Export.

Feel free to create a temporary account for me if you want and I’ll have a look. You can send it to vlad[at]athemes.com.




Excuse that last post. Ok Let me try this again. I will keep you posted.


WOW Thanks Vlad… I see where I messed up. I didnt follow threw with the import. I thought it did and moved on without hitting import after uploading the file. I told you I was having a noob moment. Thanks again!


Cool, I have a few minutes til I’m logging off cause it’s close to midnight around here. Hope you can do it so I can sleep peacefully.


Alright :wink:


Go for it I got it from here… I will post a link after I finish setting up the WooCommerce so you can see it.